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A mature, professional voice-over talent who has done more commercials, narration, and documentaries, catering to the needs, interests, and buying habits of the 79 million baby boomer generation than any other voice in the industry during the last 5 years.


“Michael has all the right voice characteristics and emmotional connection to resonate with his customers,” says Susan Berkley, industry expert and owner of the voice acting seminar business The Great Voice Company. “His voice is warm, friendly, believable, sincere, and soothing.  His delivery is natural, caring, and convincing.”

Recent Work


Television Ford Motor Company

Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Iowa Lottery




Care Plus Ins.

Cheeca Lodge - FL Keys

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

BPH Prostate


Radio + Political

Care Plus Insurance


JK Harris Tax Consultants

Herrel for House of Rep.

Ryder Cup - XM Radio

Alabama Quail Trail

Leishman’s Furniture

Sun - Sentinel

National Non-Smoking PSA


Documentary + Narration

US Air Force - Nellis AFB

McKinsey’s Partners Podcasts

State of CA Veteran’s Day

White Hall Museum

Coachella Valley Plan - CA

Lake Elsinore Renovation - CA

Wild Dolphin Project

Chivas Regal History

CTI Firefighter’s Manual

Hewlett Packard

Intro Talks to the Moon - Audio Books

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